UPM ProFi - Environmental performance

UPM ProFi Development Story – Sustainable WPC products

​UPM ProFi wood plastic composite (WPC) is the first industrial scale solution for self adhesive label waste. The innovative production process utilises the cellulose fibres and plastic polymers that are surplus by-products in self-adhesive label manufacture and processing. UPM ProFi can also be called a paper plastic composite or a composite.

All raw materials are non-toxic and harmless to the environment. No PVC is used. UPM ProFi contains no harmful chemicals so after its life cycle UPM ProFi products can be disposed with normal household waste or recycled into energy.

UPM Biocomposites has been awarded several certificates, including PEFC and FSC. All UPM Biocomposites certificates are listed on upm.com Certificate Finder.

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UPM ProFi's principal raw material is surplus paper and plastic left over from the production of self-adhesive label materials. As there is no other significant recycling process for the label surplus material, the manufacture of UPM ProFi actually reduces landfill and waste incineration.


The material is also recyclable which means that the products can be recycled and re-ground into raw material for new UPM ProFi products. There is practically no production waste created in the production process of UPM ProFi, but all residues are used as raw material for new UPM ProFi products.

UPM ProFi recycled and recyclable 

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UPM ProFi environmentally friendly 

​Environmental friendly maintenance

UPM ProFi is durable and keeps its looks over time, with only a slight lightening of colour over the years. The wood plastic composite (WPC) material is virtually lignin free, which gives it better natural resistance to the "greying" process caused by ultra violet light.

No harmful chemicals

UPM ProFi contains no harmful chemicals so after its life cycle it can be disposed of as normal household waste or alternatively recycled into energy.


The only added plastic is polypropylene. No PVC is used.
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​Minimal packaking

UPM ProFi products are packaged without any unnecessary paper or plastic wrappings.

Sustainable manufacture

Water in the manufacturing process of UPM ProFi is recycled in a closed loop system. Practically all production waste produced during manufacture is recycled into new products.

Thinking local

UPM ProFi products are manufactured both in Finland and Germany: close to the resources of label waste and to main markets. This minimises transport both to and from the factories.

UPM ProFi environmental performance