UPM ProFi Development Story – Sustainable WPC Products

UPM ProFi Development Story – Sustainable WPC products

​In 2005, UPM’s research scientists in Finland developed a new sustainable material that solved two separate problems at the same time:

  • how to develop a composite decking with better technical performance than traditional wpc (wood plastic composite) products

  • how to recycle the mixture of paper, plastic, silicon, and ink that forms the waste generated in the manufacture of self-adhesive labels

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UPM ProFi uses paper label waste 

​The scientists realized that the lignin free cellulose fibres found in the paper label waste would have better colour durability than the wood fibres found in traditional wpc products. They also managed to develop a patented manufacturing process that results in a closed surface offering better stain resistance than the traditional wpc decking products on the market.

Over 60% of the raw material of the new composite could be sourced from the self-adhesive label waste, for which no recycling solution had previously existed. The success of UPM ProFi Deck has ensured that each year hundreds of lorries of label waste, that would otherwise go to landfill or incineration, are given a second life.

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UPM ProFi’s Design Decking range, with its fresh and modern look, is a rare example of a better technical solution that positively helps the environment.

As part of UPM ProFi’s Classic range of deckings, UPM ProFi Lifecycle has an even longer pedigree. Since the early 1990’s, American red and white oak fibres have been totally encapsulated in a polyethylene blend to produce a wpc products range that offers the best hardwood look and feel, but whose closed surface still outperforms traditional wpc products. With 95% recycled content it is no surprise that UPM ProFi’s Lifecycle production was awarded the U.S. EPA Environmental Excellence Award. 
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UPM ProFi WPC products

Several of the material and production innovations found in UPM ProFi’s Design and Classic ranges of wpc decking products have been protected by patent. The production processes and the sustainable raw material sourcing are independently certified. UPM ProFi Deck was the first decking system in Europe to be awarded the CE mark.

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UPM ProFi WPC Product development