Still looking fresh - UPM ProFi Deckings revisited 2007-2012

UPM ProFi celebrates its 10 years journey as one of the leading European WPC decking producers. As part of the celebration we will revisit decks installed during the first years of UPM ProFi, 2007-2012. UPM ProFi decks have been installed throughout Europe in all types of environment: from the Mediterranean coast to Lapland, from mountain resorts to city centres, in homes, restaurants, stadia and many other locations.

We want to share with you that UPM ProFi Deck withstands time, looks fresh and modern and performs well after 10 years of installation. The revisited decks will be selected from different countries and weather conditions, from cold Lapland to warm Southern France. New cases will be added during the celebration year. 

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​UPM ProFi Still Looking Fresh

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Rugby stadium of the LOU club, Lyon-Vénissieux, France 2011

​UPM ProFi Deck has endured looking fresh since 2011, in spite of heavy trampling and food soiling. All boards feature a closed surface for superior stain resistance.

Rugby stadium, France »


Piano Pavilion is located on the shore of Lahti's Vesijärvi, at the city of Lahti in Finland. The wooden Piano Pavilion is the perfect place to enjoy cofee, arts and the landscape. Constructions of this beautiful culture café was completed in June 2008. The aim was to use new environmentally friendly materials in the café's structures. UPM ProFi Deck patio plank was chosen as the decking material. In tune with the architect’s wishes, UPM created a new specialty decking colour, Marble White, for the project.

Piano Pavilion, Finland »


UPM ProFi decking can be found installed and outperforming all over Europe and beyond: from cold Finnish Lapland and rain soaked Scotland through to the heat of Dubai. All UPM ProFi decking boards have an ultra-durable core that will remain structurally sound in direct ground contact or under water installation. All boards feature a closed surface for superior stain resistance. UPM ProFi Deck has been engineered to high degrees of impact resistance, even in the coldest of weather.

Lapland, Finland »
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