UPM ProFi WPC installation

UPM ProFi WPC installation

Simple, fast and secure UPM ProFi installation is a feature of all UPM ProFi products. For example colour matching clip systems have been created that do not require double screwing or pre-drilling. The patented rail step solution allows for quick and stylish installation of steps. However, composite materials behave differently to timber, and to ensure long lasting performance, certain simple rules must be followed.

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​UPM ProFi Installation Video

WPC installation | UPM ProFi installation video

The video shows in a clear, step by step format, how to install UPM ProFi Deck. Additional deck installation videos are available
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​Golden Rules for UPM ProFi Installation & Maintenance:

WPC installation | Golden Rule 1
Be sure to read the full UPM ProFi installation instructions before starting to build the deck. These are included in every UPM ProFi Clip box and the latest version can be downloaded from this web site.

WPC installation | Golden Rule 2   
Unlike other composite deckings, UPM ProFi Deck may be built with a zero degree incline. However, to prevent the growth of surface mildew, air should be able to flow both above and below the deck. If a closed deck has been installed using UPM ProFi Alu Rail or UPM ProFi Rubber Strip, then the circulation of air under the deck is necessary to prevent expansion caused by delayed moisture absorption. (In terms of structural integrity, UPM ProFi Deckings may be installed on the ground or even under water)

WPC installation | Golden Rule 3   
UPM ProFi Support Rails must only be installed on hard flat surfaces (if using rubber pads in longitudinal direction underneath: max. distance from center to center = 30 cm). Any raised Deck should be built on a Aluminum or timber frame. Only the UPM ProFi Deck 150 Strong System can be used for elevated deck constructions like open suspended balconies (see installation instructions on www.upmprofi.com). All other UPM ProFi Deck boards must not be used above ground floor applications, unless built on a solid load bearing surface: e.g. a concrete balcony or roof terrace.

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WPC installation | Golden Rule 4      
The support rails / joists should be fixed to the ground or constructed to form an inter-locking grid. This prevents thermal expansion of the deck boards distorting the design of the deck.

WPC installation | Golden Rule 5         
The maximum spacing between support rails / timber joists is 40cm from centre to centre. 30 cm spacing should be used when the deck boards are laid diagonally, or the deck is being used in extreme conditions: e.g. hot climate or a commercial application with high traffic / heavy loading.

WPC installation | Golden Rule 6            
It is recommended to open the pack, and lay the deck boards out to equalize in temperature before cutting to the desired length.

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WPC installation | Golden Rule 7         
Thermal expansion gaps must be left at both ends of decking board. 6mm for 4m lengths will be enough for a 20 degree increase in the board temperature. (eg from winter to summer). The design of the deck will be enhanced if the board end gaps are in line or symmetrical.

WPC installation | Golden Rule 8         
The Boards should be screwed to each support rail / joist with a UPM ProFi Clips or Alu Rail. At one place only, directly screw the deck board to the support rail / joist. The screw should be through the bottom tongue in the middle of each board (one side only). This ensures that the boards stay fixed in place, whilst allowing for thermal expansion and contraction.

WPC installation | Golden Rule 9            
When two decking boards are placed end to end, double support rails and separate clips used for each board end.

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Professional Installer Programme

WPC installation | UPM ProFi Professional Installer Programme 

The UPM ProFi Professional Deck Installer Programme is designed to share best practice and advanced installation techniques amongst skilled installers.

Deck Planner

WPC installation | Deck Planner

An on-line tool for creating decks. UPM ProFi’s Deck Planner automatically calculates the required amounts of each component for a particular deck design.

​Product specific WPC installation instructions

Full and up to date instructions, specific to each product, can be obtained from clicking the relevant PDF link below: