UPM ProFi WPC installation

UPM ProFi WPC installation

Simple, fast and secure installation is a feature of all UPM ProFi products, from the sub-structure to the final finishing element. No pre-drilling, colour matched clips that do not require double screwing, and the unique Rail Step profile are all examples of the intelligent installation approach. To ensure optimal deck performance over the years, certain simple WPC installation rules do need to be followed.

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​UPM ProFi Installation Video

WPC installation | UPM ProFi installation video

The video shows in a clear, step by step format, how to install UPM ProFi Deck. Additional deck installation videos are available
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​Key Rules for UPM ProFi Installation & Maintenance:


Golden Rule 1
The deck should be built on a well prepared, self-draining surface. Ventilation of the sub structure and the deck surface should be provided to prevent surface mould growth.

UPM ProFi WPC Installation | sub structure

WPC installation | Golden Rule 2   
UPM ProFi Support Rails should be installed directly on hard flat surfaces and fixed to the ground. If fixing is not possible, e.g. on a flat roof, the subconstruction must be built as a rigid framework with cross members.

UPM ProFi WPC installation | UPM ProFi Alu Support Rail

WPC installation | Golden Rule 3   
Raised decks should be constructed with UPM ProFi Alu Support Rail which may be clicked into UPM ProFi Foot, and should be inter-connected to form a rigid frame.

UPM ProFi WPC installation | UPM ProFi Foot

WPC installation | Golden Rule 4
Maximum distance of the Support Rail spacing should not be exceeded:

Support Rail Spacing: centre to centre
for installation of boards at 90° to the Rails
ResidentialCommercialHarsh Environment
UPM ProFi Deck 150 + T-Clips​40cm40cm30cm
​UPM ProFi Deck 150 + Alu Rail​40cm40cm40cm
​UPM ProFi Lifecycle S2-2540cm30cm30cm
​UPM ProFi Lifecycle S2-21​40*cm30*cm30cm
UPM ProFi Lifecycle S1-2130cm​​--
UPM ProFi Terra 12735cm--

* Maximum allowable load of 4.8kN/m2

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​Deck Surface

Golden Rule 1
Equalise the deck boards temperature before cutting and installation.

WPC installation | Golden Rule 2         
Based on the temperature during installation, ensure the correct expansion gaps at the ends of deck boards. The following table is based on installing 4m lengths of decking in Europe, and assumes the deck boards’ temperature has been equalised.



Installation gap
4m deck board or shorter​3 mm0 mm
​Above 4m deck board4 mm0 mm

WPC installation | Golden Rule 3            
Attach the boards to the UPM ProFi Support Rails with either UPM ProFi T-Clips or UPM ProFi Alu Rail. To ensure that the deck boards remain aligned, fix one screw directly through
the bottom tongue at the middle of each decking board.

UPM ProFi WPC installation | UPM ProFi Support Rails

WPC installation | Golden Rule 4         
If using UPM ProFi Alu Rails, cut them approx. 6mm shorter than the deck boards. 

WPC installation | UPM ProFi Alu Rails

WPC installation | Golden Rule 5         
When two deck boards are placed end to end, two support rails need to be used where they meet. Separate Clips must be fixed to each support rail.     

WPC installation | UPM ProFi Clips

WPC installation | Golden Rule 6            
Decks made with UPM ProFi Deck 150 can be finished with UPM ProFi Rail Step, UPM ProFi Cover Strip or UPM ProFi End Cap. UPM ProFi Lifecycle boards can be cut and profiled to finish a deck. UPM ProFi Cover Strip can be used to finish a deck built with UPM ProFi Terra 127.

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Professional Installer Programme

WPC installation | UPM ProFi Professional Installer Programme 

The UPM ProFi Professional Deck Installer Programme is designed to share best practice and advanced installation techniques amongst skilled installers.

Deck Planner

UPM ProFi WPC installation | Deck Planner

An on-line tool for creating decks. UPM ProFi’s Deck Planner automatically calculates the required amounts of each component for a particular deck design.

​Product specific WPC installation instructions

Full and up to date instructions, specific to each product, can be obtained from clicking the relevant PDF link below: