Become a Gold status installer

​Thank you for your commitment! In order to show our recognition, we have developed a new status for our existing professional installers, the Gold status.

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UPM ProFi offers the following benefits for the Gold status installers:

Get more business

1. Update your expertise in installation related topics with our Gold Installer Training.

2. UPM ProFi will forward the installation enquiries to Gold members whenever possible.

Get special visibility in UPM channels

1. Special mention of Gold group members in Installer contact list on UPM ProFi web sites.

2. Installation project images with your name to UPM ProFi web site image gallery, “MyProFi”.*

3. The best images of projects will be added to UPM ProFi brochure and a reference story will be added to the UPM ProFi websites with your name highlighted.*

Take the chance to win: the best looking projects will be rewarded

1. The projects UPM ProFi decides to add to UPM ProFi Reference book will win. The installer will be offered 25 m2 of boards and clips for free.

2. The installer gets extra visibility without any extra cost. UPM ProFi will mention the installer’s name in both UPM ProFi brochure and in UPM ProFi web sites.*

* Pre-requisite: Owner of the site signs reference agreement

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​What UPM ProFi expects from you?

In order to become a Gold group member, UPM ProFi expects

1. Interest in keeping yourself up to date with UPM ProFi installation details by completing UPM ProFi Gold Installer Training.

2. Sending UPM ProFi installation case via UPM ProFi reference form.

3. In order to stay in Gold level, complete the UPM ProFi Gold Installer Training once a year, as well as deliver an installation case. We will remind you about this in one year by e-mail.

What to do?

1. Go to web form

2. Fill in the form with information regarding your installation case and click “Send”.

3. Browse to the UPM ProFi Gold Installer Training page
– Username: Your e-mail address
   – Check the Where to Buy page at, to ensure that we have the correct e-mail address for you.

4. Read carefully the introduction and instructions and answer the questions. Make sure you complete the whole training until the “Thank you” page.

5. Congratulations! You have reached the Gold level!
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