Are you Design or Classic?

Everyone has different tastes! Some of us prefer decking with the luxurious colour tones and deep shades of tropical hardwood: for them there is the UPM ProFi® Classic range. Others are looking to create a more contemporary outdoor living space: the fresh and modern looking UPM ProFi® Design range awaits them.

Whether you are Classic or Design, you can be sure that all UPM ProFi’s composite decking systems offer the same long lasting high performance properties, and can be installed on the ground, in the ground or under water.

Behind the clean fresh look of the UPM ProFi Design range, lies advanced composite technology that ensures the decks stay looking good for many years. No other composite material offers such a natural look and feel together with high levels of stain resistance and colour durability. UPM ProFi’s patented material combines closed surface polymer technology with natural lignin-free cellulose fibres. The engineered hollow chamber boards are designed in Finland and manufactured in Germany. Light weight and tough, the design enables lighting and heating cables. Being reinforced with technical grade polypropylene, UPM ProFi Deck boards also offer class leading impact strength and durability. Available in seven distinctive colours, the UPM ProFi Deck system also includes unique solutions to create steps (UPM ProFi Rail Step), to close the surface of a deck (UPM ProFi Alu Rail) or to build a decking where space is limited (Small Aluminium support rail)…

The UPM ProFi Classic deck range achieves the natural look of tropical hardwood without the high maintenance associated with wood. The deck boards offer richness of colour tone and texture together with the high performance of UPM ProFi composite technology. The range includes the fine surface UPM ProFi Loggia, made in Germany, as well as the more textured UPM ProFi Lifecycle, from Arkansas, USA.

Manufactured with the same technology as UPM ProFi’s Design Deck range, UPM ProFi Loggia also offers lignin free colour durability and high stain resistance. The fine structured surface is brought to life by rich colour tones with varying tones and hues: each board is different. UPM ProFi Loggia S2 features a reversible profile: one side embossed and one side with fine grooves. UPM Loggia S1 is a lighter weight board designed for residential decks and featuring an embossed surface. Both profiles are available in three natural colour shades.

Manufactured with heat treated oak fibres that are totally encapsulated, UPM ProFi Lifecycle is the king of US composite decking. For over 25 years these natural looking composite boards have offered the best combination of wood texture and low maintenance properties. UPM ProFi Lifecycle S2 is suitable for both residential and public use and is available in four colours. UPM ProFi Lifecycle S1 is designed for residential use and available in two colours: both profiles feature a natural wood grain surface.

Design or Classic: whichever one you are, UPM ProFi is for you.

UPM ProFi Deck Sunny Beige and Stone Grey
Clean, fresh and modern design: the impact strength and stain resistance of UPM ProFi Deck 150 (Stone Grey and Sunny Beige) make it perfectly suited for hotel and restaurant decks, like here in Dubaï (U.A.E.)

UPM ProFi Lifecycle Walnut in France
The rich tropical hardwood look of UPM ProFi Lifecycle matches perfectly with the natural elegance of this house located around Annecy in France