UPM ProFi 2017 Product Preview

​UPM ProFi Deck 150 - Complete installation system is EXTENDED to include an end cap and a heating cable

UPM ProFi Deck’s high impact resistant hollow structure enables intelligent deck design. UPM ProFi heating cables can be installed inside the boards to keep the deck free from ice and snow. UPM’s flexible cover strip enables curved decks to be produced, and UPM ProFi’s patented end caps have a unique locking system that ensures a life time connection.

New elements to UPM ProFi complete installation system for season 2017:

Heating cables to keep your decking free of ice!

Keeps deck surface free from ice and snow during wintertime
Can be inserted into the chambers of ProFi Deck 150 decking boards, even after initial installation
Plug and Play solution – just a nearby socket needed
Automatic thermostat regulation, subject to outside temperature

End caps to make your decking look perfect!

Simple alternative to Cover Strip and Rail Step edging
Elegant solution for keeping small animals and dirt out of hollow chambers
Patented locking system to ensure the end cap remains fixed for the life of the deck
Made with the same advanced composite material as the deck boards ensuring similar uv resistance and weathering
In-built ventilation feature allowing condensation/water to drain
For normal Deck 150 decking boards and for Rail Step
Available in 3 colours – Stone Grey, Chestnut brown and Silver Green

UPM ProFi Lifecycle S2-21: Same advanced quality with thinner board and lower price!

The two sided UPM ProFi Lifecycle S2 is designed for both residential and harder wearing public decks. Its two-sided profile features a natural wood grain surface on both sides. Now you can enjoy the same superior quality with 21 mm thick board and lower price!

UPM ProFi Lifecycle decking has the same luxurious look as a real hardwood deck, and yet will keep its looks year after year with minimal maintenance. During the first six months after installation, UPM ProFi Lifecycle weathers to its long term natural look. The surface will similarly recover if subsequently scratched or marked.

Luxurious hardwood look & feel
Superior stain resistance
Ultra-durable core
Zero degree incline possible
High impact strength
Good friction, wet or dry
Recycled and recyclable
Result of 25 years of composite development

The UPM ProFi Lifecycle range is available in a mix of variegated and solid natural colours.

Heating cable

 End caps