UPM ProFi Lifecycle – Luxurious hardwood look and feel

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UPM ProFi Lifecycle decking has the same luxurious look as a real hardwood deck, and yet will keep its looks year after year with minimal maintenance. UPM ProFi Lifecycle is manufactured in Arkansas, USA.

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UPM ProFi WPC Classic Deck | Stain resistantEvery fibre double protected

UPM ProFi Lifecycle undergoes a two stage production process that ensures total fibre protection. Unlike traditional WPC boards which have a brushed surface, the polymer shell remains intact on UPM ProFi Lifecycle boards. This results in superior weather and stain resistance.

UPM ProFi WPC Classic Deck | Rich coloursRich and subtle
colour tones

Part of the beauty of a hardwood deck comes from the subtle mix of colour tones and hues. No single board is exactly alike. In UPM ProFi Lifecycle, such a natural look is achieved through the enriching of the natural colour tones with darker veins.

UPM ProFi WPC Classic Deck | High impact strenghtTough enough to take
the knocks

UPM ProFi Lifecycle has been engineered to have a high impact strength. Even in the coldest of winters, the deck boards will withstand hard knocks without becoming brittle.

UPM ProFi WPC Classic Deck | Zero degree incline possibleZero degree incline possible

Due to its closed surface, UPM ProFi Lifecycle can be installed on or in the ground (zero degrees incline) or even under water.

UPM ProFi WPC Classic Deck | Fine grain and textureFine grain and texture

The fine grained texture of UPM ProFi Lifecycle gives the deck boards a natural feel. Bare feet feel at home, and there is no danger of splinters.

UPM ProFi WPC Classic Deck | Recycled and recyclableRecycled and recyclable

UPM ProFi deck boards are made from at least 50% recycled materials and backed by a comprehensive guarantee. The high quality cellulose fibres and plastics are surplus by-products in self-adhesive label manufacture. All raw materials are non-toxic and harmless to the environment. No PVC is used.

​UPM ProFi Lifecycle S2

Colours: Walnut, Tigerwood, Desert Sand, Cape Cod Grey
Dimensions: L 4m, 5m, W 137mm, H 25mm

Material requirements per m2 (approx) 7 lin m

UPM ProFi Lifecycle S2 Technical Specification (PDF) »

UPM ProFi Lifecycle S1

Colours: Cape Cod Grey, Bridle
Dimensions: L 4m, 5m, W 137mm, H 21mm

Material requirements per m2 (approx) 7 lin m

UPM ProFi Lifecycle S1 Technical Specification (PDF) »

​​​UPM ProFi Lifecycle Range

UPM ProFi Lifecycle is designed and manufactured in USA.

Family Brochure (PDF) »​
​UPM ProFi LifecycleUPM ProFi Lifecycle
UPM ProFi Lifecycle S2-21 ​UPM ProFi Lifecycle
UPM ProFi Selectdeck
​Stain Resistant Surface+++ +++ +++ ​++
​Scratch Resistant Surface+++ ​+++ ​+++ ​++
​Strength+++ ++ + ​+++
Total Deck Solution++++++​+++​++
​Polymer + FibrePE + Oak Fibre ​PE + Oak Fibre PE + Oak Fibre ​PE + Oak Fibre
Engineered ProfileReversible ​Reversible ​One Side ​One Side
Profile​Solid ​Solid ​Solid Solid
Available Colours​4 ​5 2 ​2
​Dimension (mm)​25 x 137 ​21 x 137 ​21 x 137 ​25 x 127
​Decking Applications​All All ​Residential ​All
​Joist Spacing (mm)Residential: ​400 / Commercial & harsh environment 300 ​Residential: ​400 / Commercial & harsh environment 300 Residential 300 Residential: ​400 / Commercial & harsh environment 300
​Link to BrochurePDF » PDF » PDF » -
​Link to Installation InstructionsPDF » PDF » PDF » -
​Warranty: Residential / Commercial / Harsh environment (Years)20 (decreasing) / 10 (decr.) / 10 (decr.) 20 (decreasing) / 10 (decr.) / 10 (decr.) ​10 (decreasing) ​20 (decreasing) / 10 (decr.) / 10 (decr.)
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​The UPM ProFi Lifecycle range comes with matching components and decking accessories.

UPM ProFi WPC Classic Deck | boards
Decking Boards

WPC Classic Deck | UPM ProFi Wing Clips
Wing Clips, small and large 

UPM ProFi Wing Clips in five colours to match the deck boards. The large version allows 90 degree board fixing.

WPC Classic Deck | UPM ProFi Classic Alu RailClassic Alu Rail

alternative to Wing Clip installation.

WPC Classic Deck | UPM ProFi Classic Start ClipClassic Start Clip

WPC Classic Deck | UPM ProFi Cover Strip
Cover Strip

for UPM ProFi Loggia boards.

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UPM ProFi WPC Classic Deck | Installation

Installing your UPM ProFi Lifecycle

The UPM ProFi Lifecycle range has been designed to facilitate smart installation.

Installation Instructions (PDF) »

Installation »

Find your nearest installer »

UPM ProFi WPC Classic Deck | Deckplanner

Design your deck online!

Design your own decking with UPM ProFi online tool.

Deck Planner »

UPM ProFi WPC Classic Deck | Care & Maintenance

Care & Maintenance

UPM ProFi Lifecycle offers the beauty of a hardwood deck. Unlike many other composite or timber deckings, UPM ProFi products have been designed with closed surfaces that offer greater resistance to spills and stains.

However, as with any outdoor flooring
surface, periodic cleaning and correct
care is needed to ensure that the deck
retains its beauty for many years.

UPM ProFi Lifecycle S2 & S1 Maintenance (PDF) »