Spotlight: UPM ProFi Loggia

UPM ProFi Loggia Silver Ash

UPM ProFi Loggia offers a luxurious wood look and feel, together with outstanding performance properties.  UPM ProFi Loggia is available in two profiles and three rich colour shades: the cool and light Silver Ash, the rich tropical Brazilian Walnut, and the dark sophisticated Streaked Ebony.

UPM ProFi Loggia | Superior stain resistanceSuperior stain resistance

UPM ProFi's composite technology ensures superior stain resistance compared to traditional brushed wpc or wood decks, as UPM ProFi Loggia features a nonbrushed closed surface, and the cellulose fibres are protected and encapsulated in plastic.

UPM ProFi Loggia | High impact strenght​Extra high impact strenght

UPM ProFi Loggia’s raw material mix has
been engineered to have a high impact strength. Even in the coldest of winters, the deck boards will withstand hard knocks without becoming brittle.

UPM ProFi Loggia | Excellent color durabilityExcellent colour durability

Manufactured from a blend of recycled and virgin cellulose fibres and polymers, UPM ProFi Loggia offers enhanced lignin free colour durability.

UPM ProFi Loggia colours

Colours: Brazilian Walnut, Silver Ash, Streaked Ebony
Dimensions: L 4m, 5m, W 140mm, H 25mm

Material requirements per m2 (approx) 7 lin m

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UPM ProFi Loggia S2

is designed for both residential and harder wearing public decks. Its reversible profile features a natural wood grain surface on one side, and a fine grooved surface on the other.

UPM ProFi Loggia S1

UPM ProFi Loggia S1 is designed for residential use only and has a natural wood grain surface. Both profiles are available in three natural variegated colours.

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UPM ProFi Loggia InstallationInstallation

The UPM ProFi WPC Classic Deck range has been designed to facilitate smart installation.

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UPM ProFi Loggia Care and MaintenanceCare & Maintenance

UPM ProFi Loggia is a composite decking that has the luxurious look and feel of a real hardwood deck. Unlike many other composite or timber deckings, UPM ProFi products have been designed with closed surfaces that offer greater resistance to spills and stains.

However, as with any outdoor flooring surface, periodic cleaning and correct care is needed to ensure that the deck retains its beauty for many years.

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