UPM ProFi Click System - Even 2.5 times faster than traditional installation of design decking

​UPM ProFi Click System cuts the typical deck installation time by up to 60%, and yet enables the finest professional finish possible. Suitable for residential and harder wearing commercial decks: the faster the terrace is built, the sooner that outdoor living can begin. Created for professional deck installation, UPM ProFi Click System combines the best in design from Germany and Finland.

UPM ProFi Designed and Made in Finland and Germany
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​Click System features

UPM ProFi Click System Features​Ergonomics

Sub-construction can be prepared at workbench height, saving backs and knees.

UPM ProFi Click System Features

State of the art installation system, integrated sub-construction and board system. Designed for UPM ProFi Deck 150/Deck 150 UV+ boards.

UPM ProFi Click System Features


Components are made from long lasting and low-maintenance stainless steel, powder coated or anodized aluminum and high performance polymers.


No pre-drilling or screws are needed for the whole sub-frame and deck. Changing of single deck boards is possible with ease.

Fast installation

Super-fast click installation: typically 50–70% faster compared with traditional installation methods for design decking.
UPM ProFi Click System Features

Installation to public areas

Rapid deinstallation and re-installation: ideal for temporary decks, for example street restaurants and exhibition decks.
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​Click System specifications

​​UPM ProFi Click System

is a strong, smart and fast installation method for UPM ProFi Deck 150 products. The deck boards are available in seven colours: Stone Grey, Silver Green, Pearl Grey, Sunny Beige (subject to availability), Autumn Brown, Chestnut Brown and Night Sky Black.

  • The deck boards are installed with a click system and locked into place with a unique fixing clip that ensures board end gaps remain constant throughout the years.
  • For the perfect deck edging, a special clip has been designed enabling UPM ProFi’s Rail Step to be installed.


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​Click System components

​Each UPM ProFi Click System component contains innovative design details that either reduce installation time or enhance deck performance.

UPM ProFi Foot: Large/Medium/Small

  • Enables raised decks from 35 mm to 225 mm
  • Designed for fast click installation with support rail

UPM ProFi Connector for Click Alu Support Rail Large
UPM ProFi Connector for Click Alu Support Rail Large

  • Enables strong and stable lengthwise connection of support rail
  • Eliminates waste from off-cuts and reduces installation time


UPM ProFi Click Alu Support Rail Large

UPM ProFi Click Alu Support Rail Large

  • Creates strong and durable structural frame for decks
  • Supplied with pre-drilled holes for Click Clips, enabling fast installation of deck boards at work bench height saving time, back and knees

UPM ProFi Corner PieceUPM ProFi Corner Piece

  • Enables strong and stable 90 degree connection of support rails
  • Fast construction of a rigid frame without drilling and screws: slots into support rail groove, and is fixed with an Allen key 

UPM ProFi Click Clip​UPM ProFi Click Clip

  •  Enables fast and firm twist-lock installation of deck boards
  • Individual boards can be easily de-installed without damage


UPM ProFi Direct Fix Clip
UPM ProFi Direct Fix Clip

  • Eliminates board "wander": boards stay in position and end gaps remain even
  • Twist and locks into support rail: no screws or drilling needed


UPM ProFi Click Start Clip
UPM ProFi Click Start Clip

  • Enables fast installation of first and last deck boards
  • Click installation: no screws or drilling

UPM ProFi Rail Step ClipUPM ProFi Rail Step Clip

  • Enables fast installation of UPM's patented Rail Step board for the best looking and hard wearing edges
  • Click installation: no screws or drilling 

UPM ProFi Quiet Tape
UPM ProFi Quiet Tape

  • Dampens sound vibrations for ultimate quiet deck
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UPM ProFi Rail Step | Care & MaintenanceCare & Maintenance

All exterior building materials require maintenance and cleaning to some extent. Periodic cleaning will keep your composite decking looking beautiful for years to come.

Maintenance (PDF) »

UPM ProFi Rail Step | DeckplannerDesign your deck online!

Design your own decking with UPM ProFi online tool. Click System to be added later to the planner.

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