UPM ProFi Floor tile – Elegance with ease

UPM ProFi WPC Floor tile

With a stone-like appearance, UPM ProFi WPC Floor tile has been designed for indoor use applications such as covered balconies and winter gardens. Three colours, inspired by the Finnish nature, allow deck designs that are fresh and clean. Thanks to the simple installation system and advanced material properties UPM ProFi Floor is a good solution for shops, show rooms and fair stands as well.

UPM ProFi WPC Floor tile design by Artek studio
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UPM ProFi Floor  | WPC Floor tileDesigned by
Artek Studio

Designed by Finland’s Artek Studio, UPM ProFi Floor is a stunning floor tile system. Founded by the legendary Finnish architect and designer Alvar Aalto and friends 1935, Artek is renowned for being one of the most innovative contributors to modern design. Inspired to work with new materials.

UPM ProFi WPC FloorElegant stone like appearance

UPM ProFi Floor combines the beautiful stonelike appearance with a warm and soft feel. The WPC Floor tiles are made from the same advanced composite material as UPM ProFi Deck.

UPM ProFi Floor easy installationEasy installation

Designed for covered balconies and winter gardens, UPM ProFi Floor tiles should only be installed in sheltered areas. (Temporary distortion may result if water remains under the tiles.) UPM ProFi Floor tiles can be installed in a matter of minutes. The WPC Floor tiles are simply laid onto a flat surface and linked by the X-Clips.

UPM ProFi WPC Floor | Better colour durabilityBetter colour durability

Wood and cellulose fibres are encapsulated in specially selected polymers to provide lasting protection from the weather. The advanced composite technology provides UPM ProFi Floor superior resistance to UV, when compared to traditional composite or wood decks. This will lead to better colour durability.

UPM ProFi WPC Floor | tough enough for stilettosTough enough for stilettos

Enjoying high performance composite properties, the tiles are wonderful to the touch of bare feet and are tough enough for stilettos as well. The WPC Floor tile has a good friction, wet or dry.

UPM ProFi Floor  | recycled and non toxicRecycled and non toxic

UPM ProFi Floor contains up to 50% recycled fibres and polymers, is PVC free and non toxic.
UPM ProFi WPC Floor | White
UPM ProFi WPC Floor | Black
UPM ProFi WPC Floor | Grey
​Dimensions: W 400mm, L 400mm, H 28mm
4 pcs per package
Material requirements per m2 (approx) 6+ tiles
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​UPM ProFi Floor is designed and manufactured in Finland.

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​WPC Floor tile package

The WPC Floor tile package includes 4 tiles and X-Clips for smart installation.

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​WPC Floor tiles
UPM ProFi Floor  | WPC Floor tiles

​UPM ProFi X-Clips

UPM ProFi X-Clips | WPC floor tileHidden fastening, black colour.

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UPM ProFi Floor installation

Installing your WPC Floor tiles

UPM ProFi Floor quick and easy to install. Just place the tiles on a firm flat surface and join together with patented X-Clips. The WPC Floor tiles can be connected at the corners or in the middle of each side, enabling different laying options.

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UPM ProFi WPC Floor care and maintenance

Care & Maintenance - How to maintain your WPC Floor tiles

All exterior building materials require maintenance and cleaning to some extent. Periodic cleaning will keep your UPM ProFi Floor looking beautiful for years to come.

UPM ProFi environmental performance

About Environment

UPM ProFi wood plastic composite (WPC) is the first industrial scale solution for self adhesive label waste.

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