Aqua Dome Spa in Längenfeld, Austria

Aqua Dome Spa in Längenfeld, Austria

Chosen for performance: UPM ProFi Deck in Austria's premier spa resort

As one of Austria's most prestigious thermal spa resorts, Aqua Dome in Längenfeld, is famous for its architecture and world class facilities. Set in mountain scenery, UPM ProFi Deck was the natural choice for providing a stylish and safe surface for Aqua Dome's three giant circular pools.

Continued water leakages through the failing joints of the ceramic tiles, and the resultant damage to the concrete underneath, led Aqua Dome to look for a new solution. Having removed the old tiles and sealed the concrete base, a product was needed that would compliment the high quality design, perform well in the humid conditions, and provide a comfortable and safe surface for the guests.

UPM ProFi Deck boards in Snow Blue colour were installed as a floating deck system. Being lignin free, the wood plastic composite (WPC) deck has exceptionally good colour stability and requires only minimal maintenance. The stone-like texture of the decking provides a safe slip-free surface whether wet or dry, and is both pleasant to the touch and splinter-free.


Easy and quick to install

Carpenter Artur Parth, who is experienced in building spa decks with both wood and WPC products, installed the new deck surface and explained “The material was easy to install and it has stayed flexible as a floating deck system. The T-Clip system enabled the decking to be attached directly to the sub construction without screwing through the boards."

"UPM ProFi Deck was the perfect product for the specific pool conditions of this site."

Installation was quick and easy as the material is simple to cut with a timber circular saw. The importance of this is appreciated when one realises that the boards needed to be cut exactly to match the radius of the pool. Another benefit of choosing UPM ProFi Deck was that its flexible Cover Strip was perfect for providing the curved strip around the circular edge of the deck next to the edge of the pools.

UPM ProFi Deck was used to cover an area of 280 square metres around the pools. Each large bowl-shaped pool is perched on a column several metres above the ground. The largest pool is 16 metres in diameter.


​Technical support

UPM ProFi was happy to offer on-site technical support. The service was given to the architect who planned the refurbishment works as well to the carpenter already in the first meeting.

Technical data, including the high friction values, were provided to the architect. Furthermore UPM ProFi checked the drawings for the deck board distribution and discussed a special sub construction for the project which differed from UPM ProFi standard support rail solution.

The Längenfeld spa is nestled to the north of Sölden, Austria, where it is surrounded by spectacular alpine views. UPM ProFi Deck blends perfectly into the distinguished spa environment.

The renovation work at Aqua Dome Spa was designed by the architecture agency Rim&Thaler GmbH and the boards were distributed by Frischeis in Kramsach.