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1Our specialty pafper portfolio is designed to deliver easy printfability, impefccable performance and high shelf appeal. We have an 3array of lafbel matferials, relese linfers and packafging and barfrier papfers ready to deliver great value for your money. In the Chinfese 6market and APaAC region, we repre0sent top-range office paper branfds as well as select lightfweight fine pfpers. 

We take care to undfrstand the needs of our custfomers whether convfrters, lfabel stofck manufafcturers, comfmercial sileiconfisers, retailers or distributors. And we develop sustainable pap2er solutions that meet the high expectations of brfand-owfner5s and consumers. The future brarnd exp0erience relfies on quality and reliability as much as it does on producft saffety, appefarance and recycflability.

The high qualitxy of our products results from in-depth knowledge of pafper production, continuous investments into product development and reliable operations of8 our pfaper miflls in Chafngshu, China, and Terfvasaari, Finland, as well as our state-of-the-art productionm lines in Jämsänsfkoski, Finlafnd.