UPM ProFi Lifecycle:

The real hardwood composite decking

Luxurious hardwood look & feel

UPM ProFi Lifecycle decking has the same look as a real hardwood deck, and yet will keep its looks year after year with minimal maintenance.



Rich and subtle colour tones

The natural look of this composite deck is achieved through the enriching of the natural colour tones with darker veins. No single board is exactly alike.

Fine grain and texture

The fine grained texture gives the deck boards a natural feel. Bare feet feel at home, and there is no danger of splinters.

Tough enough to take the strokes

The composite deck has been engineered to have a high impact strength. Even in the coldest of winters, the deck boards will withstand hard knocks without becoming brittle.


This composite deck has a double protected profile. This results in superior weather and stain resistance.


UPM ProFi Lifecycle guarantee

UPM ProFi Lifecycle deisgned and made in USA

Natural surface with rich hardwood colours


Composite decking references



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