Apartment building in Helsinki, Finland

UPM ProFi Deck balconies for new blocks of flats in Arabianranta, Helsinki 2009

In the choice of materials for two new blocks of flats in Arabianranta, Helsinki, the aim was to move beyond the usual options. UPM ProFi Deck emerged as an alternative to traditional wooden boards for the balconies of these buildings, located in a marine environment.

​The choice for the balcony decking material was the stylish stone-grey UPM ProFi Deck. According to the developers, UPM’s wood plastic composite offered the ideal surface – one that would stand the tests of time, wear, frost, and sun. It was not only the modern and distinctive appearance that settled the choice but also the ability of UPM ProFi Deck to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Both of the new housing companies involved, Asunto Oy Helsingin Toukoranta and Bostads Ab Samse, will offer residents high-end rental flats. The new residents moved into the Toukoranta flats in July 2009 and the Samse flats will be occupied in September 2009.
The focus in the new residential spaces has been on the occupants’ satisfaction, Swedish-language services, and accessibility. The principal designers in the project were architects Stefan Ahlman and Jaakko Sutela.