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Towards a more sustainable future - sustainable decking


UPM develops renewable and responsible solutions to reduce the world’s reliance on fossil-based materials. ​UPM ProFi wood plastic composite (WPC) is the first industrial scale solution for self adhesive label waste. The sustainable decking boards are made mainly from recycled materials and are recyclable.

Our products provide sustainable solutions that meet the challenges and opportunities presented by global megatrends. UPM offers several alternatives for fossil-based materials: fibre products, molecular bioproducts, wood products and low-emission energy.

Non-renewable raw materials can be replaced with sustainably produced fibre-based products. UPM uses renewable wood fibres as the main raw material for graphic papers, specialty packaging, labelling materials and biocomposite products. 


Sustainable designed biocomposite

UPM Biocomposites is building a sustainable designed world by turning recycled streams into great products for consumers as well as commercial and industrial end-users, utilizing extrusion technologies. UPM ProFi biocomposite is the best in class sustainable decking made in Europe.

The world is at cross road in terms of how it sees plastic. If the trend continues, in 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish! We will be part of the solution, not the problem. We will build a business that combines our heritage of bringing smart design to outdoor living with the best environmental performance in our sector. We already give a unique 2nd life to thousands of tonnes of label waste. Our purpose is all about taking recycled streams and making them into great products using extrusion technology.



Global Compact Lead

United Nations recognises UPM as one of 34 Global Compact LEAD companies demonstrating world-class commitment to corporate sustainability.

Dow Jones Sustainability Indices

UPM recognised as the industry's most responsible company in the global Dow Jones Sustainability Index.



Frontrunner in circular economy

The patented UPM ProFi production process is a good example of a circular economy: cellulose fibres and polymers from self-adhesive label waste are used to create high-quality composite products. UPM ProFi is a sustainable choice for decking.

Durable UPM ProFi Deck 150 has been in the decking market already for more than 10 years.

Environmentally sound UPM ProFi Piazza decking has a long life span with a 25 year guarantee for residential use.

At the end of the deck lifecycle the decking material can be reused, as it is 100% toxin free.

35m² of Piazza decking contains up to
490kg of plastic and paper waste
35m² of Piazza decking binds over
800kg of CO2
UPM ProFi decking boards are
recycled & recyclable


Innovation in composite manufacturing



​Recycled and recyclable composite decking

All UPM ProFi products are made with a high content (50%–90%) of recycled materials, thereby reducing landfill and incineration.

  • The off-cuts can be disposed of with normal household waste or recycled to energy
  • The composite materials are also recyclable: all solid production waste in our factories is recycled. Unfortunately no pan-European collection service exists to gather off-cuts or material from old decks for recycling to our factories: this is an aim for the future.
  • All UPM ProFi raw material fibres are PEFC™ certified

All UPM ProFi products are non-toxic and PVC free


Wood decks vs composite decks

Minimal packaging
UPM ProFi composite decking products are packaged without any unnecessary paper or plastic wrappings.
Sustainable manufacture
Water in the manufacturing process of UPM ProFi is recycled in a closed loop system. Practically all production waste produced during manufacture is recycled into new products.
Thinking local
UPM ProFi composite decking boards are manufactured both in Finland and Germany: close to the resources of label waste and to main markets. This minimises transport both to and from the factories.




UPM Biocomposites has been awarded several certificates, including PEFC™. All UPM Biocomposites certificates are listed on Certificate Finder.