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Where to Buy, See & Install composite decking products

Where to Buy brand new UPM ProFi composite decking boards? How much do composite deck boards cost? Find your nearest distributors here. You will also find the distributor locations where to see physical composite decking samples and showrooms. We have a large network of composite decking suppliers in the UK. Please check the availability of products, delivery times and deck prices from your local store.

Searching for specialized decking installers for your UPM ProFi composite decking? You can find your nearest certified installer and even Gold certified installers. Please check the price of decking installation from the professional deck builder. Some installation companies will not only lay the decking but also supply the materials: This way you will get the total cost of your composite decking. 

Please note: Whilst UPM offers training and technical support to installers, the installers listed are independent contractors and UPM cannot take responsibility for their work.

Accessories to supplement your deck

Please remember to look for other options for your decking as well: accessories and components supplement your new decking boards. Choose either clips or Alu Rails to fix the deck boards to the subconstruction. For deck edges you may use cover strip or in case you have selected UPM ProFi Deck 150 boards, you can use rail step to create professionally looking, precise deck edges. And end caps can be easily clicked into UPM ProFi Deck 150 boards to elegantly close the hollow chambers. Ask more from your local retailer or search from our web site under "Products" and "Deck installation".

Price of composite decking boards and other costs

The actual cost of your decking project will vary for several reasons, such as: is your decking ground-level or multi-level, which sub-construction will be used (composite, aluminium or timber), which deck boards have you selected, what is the required timetable for installing the decking. The price of decking boards depends heavily on the quality of the raw materials, and the recipe : how much wood fibres, recycled plastic, virgin plastic and additional materials have been used in the manufacturing of composite deck boards. Please ask prices from your nearest distributor.

Residential warranty up to 25 years for our composite decks

The UPM ProFi deck range has styles for different tastes, in different colours. Our new wood-look sustainable decking UPM ProFi Piazza offers a 25 years fade & stain and structural warranty for residential use, 20 years for commercial use. The modern stone-look UPM ProFi Deck 150 offers up to 10 years full guarantee for material strength and performance. Our composite deck boards are designed in Finland and made in Germany. Learn more about the warranties for different product range from your deck supplier.

Deck boards made from recycled materials

All UPM ProFi products are made with a high content of recycled materials, thereby reducing landfill and incineration. The off-cuts can be disposed of with normal household waste or recycled for energy. The composite deck boards are safe to use, raw material fibres are from certified forests and all raw materials are non-toxic and harmless to the environment.