Decking complements the 1960's dream home

Minna and Pekka, a couple with a baby daughter and a dog, share a passionate relationship to design and especially to MCM, Mid-century modern. Pekka works as an industrial designer and creative director, so the interest in design and architecture comes even with profession. In autumn 2012, the family found their 1960’s dream home in Espoo, Finland.


“It is a two-floor town house built in 1963, thus being a representative of modernist architecture. Some typical characteristics for this time period - which particularly appealed to us when we came across this apartment - are the large windows, atrium terrace and brick walls both inside and outside the apartment”, Pekka describes.

Functional and beautiful

25m2 atrium terrace needed a new surface. Northern atmosphere with dramatic weather changes means annual treatment for wooden decking, and family preferred low maintenance and stain resistant surface on their terrace. Minna and Pekka chose UPM ProFi Deck, because it met all the requirements they had for their decking material.

“Eventually UPM ProFi composite was the best match considering our needs and preferences. It is straightforward to install and has several color options. Also, UPM ProFi’s surface is closed, which makes it easy to clean when necessary,” states Pekka.

But how does the wood plastic composite as a material suite the MCM design home? “We usually aim to preserve or reuse old materials before relying on something brand new. However, there are some parts in our home, kitchen or bathroom for example, where the functional dimension of a product or space overrides the value of originality. From this perspective, composite was clearly the best option for the terrace floor.”

The fact that UPM ProFi Deck is made of recycled raw material was also an important factor in the selection process for Minna and Pekka. New colour shade Chestnut Brown is in harmony with the house materials and colour palette.

Easy installation together with the family

Pekka installed the deck with his father. Rail step was used for finished edges and decking was built on support rails, attached with T-clips. Rubber strip was used to close the deck surface. Pekka thinks UPM ProFi Deck installation instructions with the step-by-step video made the process easy.

“With the project advancing, we were delighted to see the system really is very well designed. Once you have constructed the base and got the first deck board right, the rest is easy. Basically, you just need only three things: deck boards cut to the right length, UPM ProFi clips and screwdriver.”

Installing Rubber Strip for UPM ProFi composite decking

Something for everyone

As a result in the summer of 2013, Minna and Pekka have the visually appealing, easy maintenance terrace they wanted. Besides the adults, both the family daughter and dog enjoy the comfortable, splinter free deck surface.

“It is very pleasant for their feet, or even in the dog’s case, to enjoy long afternoon naps lying down. With a child, the decking is more carefree than the stone floor – this is certainly something any parent can easily agree!”