Metal Shutter Houses, New York, USA

UPM ProFi Deck on balconies of Metal Shutter Houses in New York apartment house designed by top architects.

Architect Shigeru Ban's most recent project in Manhattan, New York, is a handsome sight by the Hudson River. The unique, 11-story building hides duplex homes that have been built using nothing but state-of-the-art materials. One of these carefully selected materials is UPM ProFi composite. The star architect chose to use UPM's composite decking on the floors of the balconies due to its reliability and environmentally friendly nature.

The apartments, which run the full width of the building, are spacious and full of light, and the balconies face the peaceful courtyard. The stylish stone grey UPM ProFi Deck is a perfect match for the flooring of the adjacent room and beautifully extends the space towards the balcony.

Shigeru Ban Architects was responsible for designing the building together with his American partner, Dean Maltz Architect.

"We were already familiar with the product since we had used similar products in our earlier projects, so we knew what we would get. We wanted the beautiful, environmentally friendly and high-quality UPM ProFi for the balconies of the Metal Shutter Houses building because materials are so important to a design," top architect Dean Maltz explains.


The high-quality UPM ProFi Deck manufactured of recycled material is in line with the other quality materials used in the building. The simplified air of the apartments gives off an ambiance of composed elegance, and each detail has been carefully planned. The facade's motorised metal shutters that give the building its signature appearance can be used to adjust the view from each apartment. This means that the privacy of the luxury apartments can also be protected in each apartment and in every room on the West 19th Street side of the building. Looking out, the view over the city is classic: the silhouette of the Empire State Building can be seen behind the rooftops, water tanks and skyscrapers.

The fact that UPM ProFi Deck has been used on the balconies of the Metal Shutter Houses block is excellent proof that the material is well-suited for urban environments. The professional design, correct colour and high quality of the product ensure that the end result is a beautifully finished decking that pleases the eye of an architect. Moreover, the floor feels comfortable under the foot and the durability of the material ensures that users will have many care-free years ahead.