House Eveliina in Hämeenlinna, Finland

Dream Terraces in Hämeenlinna

Tuukka Heinonen had his dream house built in Hämeenlinna for his family of four in 2007. The outdoor areas of the Siporex-built detached house make versatile use of UPM's innovative and environmentally friendly UPM ProFi Deck decking board. Both the large upper terrace and the fairly garden terrace were laid with UPM ProFi Deck boards. Moreover, the path traversing the lot and some of the terraced areas in the garden were covered with UPM ProFi Deck too.

Encouraged by a professional designer, the Heinonen family ventured to combine UPM ProFi Deck boards in different colours for their terraces. The basic colour of the upper terrace, 80 square metres in size, is Stone Grey, spiced up at one end by a grey pattern against an Autumn Brown background. The garden terrace is also Stone Grey and is decorated with a Stone Grey, Autumn Brown and Snow Blue compass rose design.

​Easy EleganceThe first pleasant surprise came to the Heinonen family already when they were constructing the terrace. "Assembly could not have been easier: the fasteners and supporting rails were included in the package, and the material was available also in very long boards. As a bonus, UPM ProFi Deck is very easy to work with," says Heinonen.

He first came upon UPM ProFi Deck by chance, and he says that ease of maintenance played an important part in choosing it as the decking material. "Our earlier experiences with terraces had taught us to look for a material that was as trouble-free as possible. UPM ProFi Deck has fulfilled this wish perfectly. We have sprayed the terraces clean with a pressure washer a couple of times each summer – and that is all. UPM ProFi has a non-splintering surface, which makes it comfortable under bare feet as well," Heinonen praises.

After two years of experience, Heinonen assures that he is satisfied with his choice of terrace material. The children, too, appreciate the high-quality decking – for what could provide a better surface for all those fun outdoor games?


UPM ProFi Deck 150 Autumn Brown, house, Finland