UPM ProFi Deck from 2008 - Piano Pavilion, Finland

  • The wooden café building was built in 2008 and is part of a wood architecture park in Lahti harbour
  • Designed by the Swedish architect Gert Wingårdh in the spirit of Italian Renzo Piano
  • 200 square meters decking made with UPM ProFi Deck, Marble White
  • UPM ProFi Deck has endured looking fresh for 9 years in:
    • Temperatures between –25˚C to +25˚C
    • Snow and ice in the winter
    • Wind and moisture from the facing lake
    • Stainings from food service and nearby bird population
    • Constant movement of the chairs and steps by the café customers

Piano Pavilion is the pearl of Lahti harbour

Located on the shore of Lahti’s Vesijärvi, at the city of Lahti, Finland, the wooden Piano Pavilion is the perfect place to enjoy coffee, arts and the landscape. Construction of this beautiful culture café was completed in June 2008, with builders aiming to use new environmentally friendly materials in the café’s structures. UPM ProFi Deck patio plank was chosen as the decking material. In tune with the architect’s wishes, UPM created a new specialty decking colour, Marble White, for the project.