Private house in Tokyo, Japan

The Snow Blue UPM ProFi Deck creates the shape of a triangle on the stunning terrace of a modern private home in Tokyo. The house is designed by Shigeru Ban, who is an internationally renowned Japanese contemporary architect.


Shigeru Ban had learned about and developed a liking for UPM ProFi Deck in his earlier projects, such as the Artek Pavilion. When he was designing the Tokyo house, he wanted to use this tried and tested material. UPM ProFi Deck appeals to the architect because it is innovative and recyclable.

Shigeru Ban Architects have found UPM ProFi Deck easy to work with. This ensured that construction went smoothly. Another reason for choosing UPM ProFi Deck for this house was that it does not fade as wood does. While a wooden terrace needs to be replaced from time to time, the snow-blue glow of UPM ProFi Deck will last for many years to come. Neither heat nor wind nor rain will damage or impact the material.

"Some of the advantages of UPM ProFi Deck are that the material is not hot under your bare feet, even when it is scorching hot outside. Nor is a terrace made of this material slippery when wet," says Masaki Nishikubo of Shigeru Ban Architects.

Architect Shigeru Ban is well known for his innovative work with paper. He is regarded as a developer of and forerunner in ecological architecture. UPM and Shigeru Ban have also worked together on the Artek Pavilion for the Milan Furniture Fair in the spring of 2007.


UPM ProFi Composite decking, private house, Tokyo, Japan