Restaurant L'osteria in Ausburg, Germany

Renovation of restaurant in Ausburg with UPM ProFi Deck

A restaurant in Augsburg, Germany, places high value on aesthetic elegance coupled with low maintenance of its decking. Accordingly, the restaurant’s outdoor area was renovated to increase customer satisfaction, ambiance and safety. The deck area surface was tasked to the architecture agency Kügler and engineering agency Klotz, who selected the Stone Grey UPM ProFi Deck for L’Osteria Restaurant.

The durable UPM ProFi Deck is suitable for different kinds of outdoor use and is an excellent choice for any restaurants’ outdoor service areas. “An attractive restaurant environment presents a unified and complete look. Our stylishly renovated deck area gives the customers a positive impression even before they step inside the restaurant,” says restaurant owner Arthur Käser.

​Occupational safety and easy maintenance

The high friction surface of UPM ProFi Deck is not slippery, even when wet. This increases the safety of restaurant employees as well as customers, as they do not have to worry about slipping while walking on the deck.

The maintenance of UPM ProFi Deck does not require any special treatment. The highly durable surface is easy to keep clean with only a pressure hose or water and brush. The decking board keeps its bright colours and impressive appearance for many years to come. The boards were distributed by Klöpfer.

​Did you know?

The restaurant in Augsburg is one of six restaurants in the L'Osteria Italian-style chain.
An outdoor area of 200 square metres was covered. Stone Grey UPM ProFi Deck was selected as the decking material.
The advantages over other materials include an impressive appearance, safety, easy maintenance, and good weather-resistance.​


UPM ProFi composite decking at a restaurant

Composite decking UPM ProFi Deck 150 at a restaurant