UPM ProFi Deck from 2011 - Rugby stadium Lyon, France

UPM ProFi Deck 150 Autumn Brown, Rugby Stadium, France

Rugby stadium of the LOU club, Lyon-Vénissieux, France

  • The deck was build in 2011, during the construction of the Matmut Stadium, the temporary home of the rugby club of Lyon, the LOU.
  • UPM ProFi Deck was installed in an area of 350 m² next to the cafeteria and ticketing area at the Eastern entrance of the stadium
  • UPM ProFi Deck has endured looking fresh since 2011, in spite of heavy trampling and food soiling
    • Record attendance: 11 805 persons in November
  • Shade: Autumn Brown

Capacity 12 000 spectators

Built in less than100 days, the Matmut Stadium was commissioned in November 2011. Its capacity has been increased in 2014 to host 12 000 spectators instead of 8 000, and the cafeteria has been covered with an awning. Designed as a temporary structure in the expectation of the LOU club transfer to the new Gerland Stadium, the Matmut Stadium will be from now on dedicated to rugby trainings.