UPM ProFi Deck at a day care centre in Kristiansand, Norway

Play is children's work. Working is most successful in an appropriate environment where there are no safety issues to be addressed. The garden area of the day care centre in Kristiansand, Norway was in need of a safe and easy to care for terrace for the most important work of children — play. UPM ProFi Deck was selected as the terrace material. Now children are overjoyed that they can ride bicycles, toddle and romp about in the large terrace area that's been rebuilt.


"We wanted to build a terrace, which fits into the environment, is environmentally friendly and feels comfortable under small feet. UPM ProFi Deck has all these features and is a safe and beautiful material," says day care centre director Kristin Alfsen.

"The colours of the decking boards separate the walking and lounging areas from each other. Now the children can walk safely on a stone grey area and play on an autumn brown area. UPM ProFi Deck is hard wearing and does not have a slippery surface."

The day care centre has been satisfied with its choice of terrace material.

”We constantly receive positive feedback from the children's parents and our employees. The terrace is easy to keep clean and the material does not have to be overhauled and treated on a yearly basis. We highly recommend UPM ProFi for use in all similar settings", says director Alfsen.

The UPM ProFi Deck was installed in the Lund Barnehagen day care centre in Kristiansand, Norway in summer 2010. The terrace is designed by Nordisk Byggdistribusjon AS, which is also the distributor of UPM ProFi Deck products in Norway.
UPM ProFi products have been developed and designed in Finland specifically for the Nordic climate.