UPM ProFi part of history in Ghent, Belgium

UPM ProFi Deck 150 Stone Grey, Gent, Belgium

UPM ProFi becomes part of history in Belgium

UPM ProFi composite decking has taken up residence right in the heart of the historic city of Ghent. It has been used to cover a pedestrian walkway running alongside the magnificent Oude Vismijn, the old fish market dating back to the 19th century, which has recently been restored and converted into a reception hall, leading to a delightful brasserie "Bord’eau". This passageway is particularly remarkable as it was built virtually right above the canal bordering the Oude Vismijn.

The challenge faced by the Ghent-based architecture firm, Bontinck, was to renovate a listed building, which meant plans had to be submitted to the culture and heritage authorities for approval. Despite its distinctly modern appearance, UPM ProFi fits in seamlessly with this historic setting. The Night Sky Black decking perfectly complements the red brickwork typically used in buildings in Ghent.In terms of safety, the exceptional resistance of UPM ProFi Deck and its high-friction surface come rain or shine make it the ideal covering for a passageway that will be walked by thousands of visitors every year.



Office in Ghent, Belgium

Surface area: 170 m²
Colour: Night Sky Black
Architects: Bontinck, Ghent
Distributor: Denderwood