Fresh and modern variety of colours

03/20/2017 07:52:00


UPM ProFi Deck’s range of seven colours has been inspired by Finnish nature: a land of lakes, forest, and granite, of the midnight sun and snow filled winters. The clean Nordic look allows you to take a fresh and modern approach to outdoor design.

UPM ProFi Deck’s lignin free fibres enable richer colours which, whilst gently lightening over time, never suffer from the “wood greying” effect that dulls the colours of many WPC boards. 

The light colours remain bright and offer a cooler surface in hot summers. 


UPM ProFi Rail Step: The best stair & edge solution

  • UPM ProFi Rail Step has been designed for elegant and hard wearing stairs or deck and pool edges
  • Available in all UPM ProFi Deck 150 colours

Even in the hottest of weather

UPM ProFi Deck 150 UV+ has been specially designed to withstand hotter climates and areas with higher UV levels. The surface is more resistant to the accelerated fading effects of higher UV radiation.