How to find your way through the jungle of composite decking?

UPM ProFi Deck 150 Night Sky Black, Home, Seinäjoki, Finland

You want to build a composite deck and you do not know what to choose among the wide offering on the market. The perfect composite decking should associate high performance with a luxurious look and feel: check out the following criteria and choose the product that withstands the elements and the test of time.

Polymers and fibres

Composite deckings are made by combining fibres (e.g.. wood, rice, bamboo) with polymers.
Polymers should ensure a good resistance to impacts. Select a composite that uses polypropylene or polyethylene. PVC turns brittle, especially in cold weather. At UPM ProFi, our range of products are only produced from polypropylene or polyethylene, according to their final use or the structure of the boards.

Fibres are often used in the form of sawdust. The durability of colours may be weakened by the presence of lignin, a natural molecule which causes wood and other naturel fibres to turn grey when exposed to sunlight. UPM ProFi Deck uses cellulose fibres - e.g. wood fibres without lignin. Cellulose fibres retain the mechanical properties of the wood without the drawbacks of the lignin !


Some products are brushed to imitate wood. This process opens the fibres to humidity and stains ! Ensure that the boards really withstand the challenges that the life of a deck can have with parties and barbecues. Take the oil test.

Friction surface:

Ensure that the decking you choose has a good friction surface and that the deck is suitable for young and old , particularly those less able to walk. UPM ProFi ranges meet DIN 51130 norm and offer a good friction surface, wet or dry.

Durable colours:

The material should contain high quality pigments and UV stabilizers for colour durability. UPM ProFi Deck colour range contains light shades which are obtained with excellent raw materials and technical expertise.

Hollow or solid boards?

It's mostly a question of taste : a hollow structure made of a high resistance polypropylene offers the solidity and rigidity of solid boards made of polyethylene but with 30% less weight !

Easy installation:

Installing a composite decking can be easy if you choose a complete installation system including boards, support rails, clips, cover strip suitable for curve deckings, modules for stairs etc… UPM ProFi offers a large range of accessories for its product ranges.


Our products are manufactured using , in part , recycled raw material and is fully recyclable and the production process has been optimized to limit environmental impacts. Our factories are ISO14001 certified.


A good product has certificates. UPM ProFi Deck has CE marking and PEFC recycled certification (FIN-PEFC-COC-1563). On top of that, our material has been granted several international awards like the Green Good Design.

Now make your choice in our extended range of decking products.