New UPM ProFi Gold Installer from Paris

Eric Iacono, Artibois91, has been specializing in the installation of deckings in the Paris area since 8 years. A UPM ProFi certified installer since a couple of months, he recently successfully passed the Gold Installer online test. A story about a fruitful cooperation.

How did you get to know UPM ProFi products?

I met the UPM ProFi team during the Paysalia landscapers’ exhibition in Lyon. I was already familiar with composite deckings as I was using a competitor’s product. But I tested UPM ProFi Deck and I quickly adopted it. I am a professional installer and it is important for me to use a product which I can rely on.

What did you like about our products?

I was attracted to the "hydrophobic" properties of UPM ProFi, meaning that it does not absorb moisture or stains. It is important to ensure customers that our products have durable properties. I mostly sell to home owners, but it is a product that is also suitable for restaurant and hotel decks.

Why is it important for you to be a UPM ProFi Certified Installer?

It is interesting to invest in a sustainable brand and to provide a guarantee to our customers that I am recognized as a professional by this brand. We are in a competitive market, and the best decks are built only with a combination of a high quality product and total expertise in installation. Clearly, I consider it as an advantage for me compared to other installers.

How did you hear about the Gold Installer status and what did you think about the test ?

I received the UPM ProFi newsletter and I read from UPM ProFi extranet site about how to access this new status. The salesman from UPM ProFi also informed me about it. I took the test which I found relevant for the level of expertise required for a professional installer. We have to master our products, hence it is essential to be able to update our knowledge. We sometimes believe we know everything but we can miss important details.

What do you expect from the Gold Installer status ?

It is a way for me to strengthen my commitment to the product and tell my customers "UPM ProFi trusts me." If this can be a lever for the development of my business, why not? But this is not my first motivation.

What advice would you give to other installers?

Being a Gold installer means having a total commitment between the manufacturer and the installer, e.g. we promote it in our catalogue and seek to support the brand with high quality deck designs and installation. If it's just to have one’s name written somewhere, it's not worth it. UPM ProFi have products that are easy to install and offer low maintenance. There are some interesting accessories such as cover strip (that could be developed further) and the excellent Rail Step. I really have pleasure using it and UPM ProFi is a premium product!