Decking that’s safe for dogs with UPM ProFi composite

PetBros in Nurmijärvi is a new kind of wellness centre for dogs that prioritises the wellbeing and safety of dogs above all else.

According to manager Emma Engman, this is exactly why they chose UPM ProFi material for the decking surrounding the therapy pools.

Emma Engman was already familiar with UPM ProFi because she had used it for her decking at home, and she has been extremely pleased with the biocomposite material.

”The most important criteria in choosing the material was definitely safety. We knew that UPM ProFi was not slippery when wet and that it was durable even in damp conditions.”

“These considerations are why wood and stone were not suitable materials for our particularly demanding application.”

UPM ProFi Deck biocomposite at Petbros Wellness Center

A sustainable and easy-to-clean material

Engman is actually a cleaning technician by trade, so she understands how important it is to use materials that are easy to clean. She also notes that the great durability of the composite material affected their choice of decking.

”Hygiene and ease of cleaning are very important factors for us. Considering these factors allows us to guarantee our customers, i.e. the dogs, a safe environment from this perspective.”

”As animal and nature lovers, the responsible and environmental values of UPM ProFi, as well as the amount of recycled materials used in the product, correspond to our company’s values, as we try to support the welfare of the environment through all our operations,” states Engman.

”I can sincerely recommend UPM ProFi as a decking material for families with dogs and for all dog lovers in general!”

Photos: PetBros