UPM ProFi complements its certifications with ISO50001

The German UPM ProFi factory in Bruchsal has been awarded the ISO50001 certification (Energy Management) that aims at optimising energy performances.


Based on continuous improvement, ISO50001 follows logically from the previously obtained certifications, e.g. ISO9001 – Quality management – and ISO14001 – Environmental Management.

These three certifications confirm that UPM ProFi has built a rigorous framework for the manufacturing of high quality products with the most rigorously controlled impact on environment.

UPM ProFi Design range has also been awarded the PEFC recycled certification (FIN-PEFC-COC-1563) and was the first European producer of WPC products to obtain the CE marking confirming its compliance to safety, health and environmental criteria from the EU “building products” Directive.

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