UPM ProFi Decking - A safe product for humans and the environment

Product news 12.8.2017 15:00 EEST

UPM ProFi composite decking at kindergarten

UPM Biocomposites has a deep interest in using clean ingredients for manufacturing their products. All raw materials are non-toxic and harmless to the environment. No PVC or harmful chemicals are used. UPM Biocomposites has been awarded several certificates, including PEFC (FIN-PEFC-COC-1563).

The European standard EN 71-3 „Safety of Toys – Part 3: Migration of Certain Elements" is regulating the permissible pollution loads for children's toys. In detail strict limits and test methods have been set to regulate the incidences of harmful substances, such as chromium, copper, lead, tin etc.

Thus independent experts approved and confirmed that the UPM ProFi Deck boards are even suitable as materials for the use in toys regarding the emission of toxic substances. Children can freely play on a terrace manufactured using UPM ProFi decking even should they suck, lick, swallow or have prolonged skin contact with the decking. UPM ProFi safely meets the standards of EN 71-3.

The material is also recyclable, which means that the products can be recycled and re-ground into raw material for new UPM ProFi products. There is practically no production waste created in the manufacturing process of UPM ProFi, with any residues being re-used as raw material for new UPM ProFi products. Surplus material from installation can be disposed with normal household waste and recycled into energy.

Having this safety in mind, outdoor life on your terrace becomes something special, whether relaxing or working, celebrating or just living. Using UPM ProFi products for your terrace means you are helping the environment and providing a safe area for you and your family.

UPM ProFi – the safe choice.

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