House in Berlin, Germany

UPM ProFi Deck 150 Stone Grey, house, Berlin, Germany

​Stylish house in Berlin Finished with beautiful terraces

​A married German couple wanted their modern single family house located near the centre of Berlin to have fresh looking, durable and practical terraces. The house was finished in 2008 and already the following summer the original terraces made of wood had gone bad. The owners of the house were therefore seeking a better solution for their two terraces and a gallery, and they chose UPM ProFi as a solution.

The couple was introduced to UPM ProFi Deck, which impressed by its properties and durability. Even the challenging terrace stairs could be safely covered with the hifriction UPM ProFi Deck. The beautiful looks of UPM ProFi Deck was also an important criteria when the decision about the new terrace material was made. Stone Grey UPM ProFi Deck is strong and peaceful supplement for the new house.