The family has been very satisfied with their modern deck – composite decking keeps its beautiful look year after year.

When designing your home, you want to have a combination of beautiful looks and good quality. A family in Sweden was renovating their house and garden. They chose to use UPM ProFi Deck 150 composite material, in Pearl Grey colour, to create a modern deck. The family chose the light colour because it matched their house perfectly.

The Hammarsten family used social media to find inspiration for their renovation project. When planning the deck, the most important consideration was how to use the garden and the available space they had in the smartest way. They created a beautiful outdoor area that links the indoor and outdoor life perfectly.

But of course, it is not only the looks that matter. The quality of the product is also important. Convenience was the reason why the Hammarsten family decided to take composite material over traditional wooden decking. To be able to skip the maintenance that a wooden deck needs was a big benefit for them and the high friction surface means the family can stay safe even during rainy weather. Also, there is small children in the family and composite decking is perfect as it does not splinter and is soft to the touch so the children can play with bare feet in complete safety.

The family created a beautiful, modern decking that is a perfect place to enjoy the warm summer days. On the terrace is space for dining and just relaxing. There is also a swimming pool and hot tub. A perfect outdoor living room. And when you have a terrace that only needs periodic cleaning it leaves you more time to enjoy life.

Finally we asked if the Hammarsten family were satisfied with their deck.

“We have been very happy with the composite material and will choose it also in the future. That composite keeps its beautiful look year after year which is another benefit. We have had our composite decking since 2016 and it still looks brand new, three and a half years later. “


Project information

House in Norrköping, Sweden
The size of the decking:  200m²
Product: UPM ProFi Deck 150, Pearl Grey