Designed for easy outdoor living

08/10/2017 12:00:00


Whether for residential or harder wearing public decking, UPM ProFi’s double protection technology ensures a stain resistant surface and an ultra-durable core.

UPM ProFi Deck is designed to be ultra low maintenance: no sanding, oiling or varnishing is needed. However, as with any outdoor flooring surface, periodic cleaning and correct care is needed to ensure that the deck retains its beauty for many years.*

UPM ProFi Deck 150 - Low maintenance decking


Designed for easy outdoor living | UPM ProFi Deck 150

“We are very pleased with our UPM ProFi decking. It feels warm and natural to bare feet and it does not splinter like wood. The composite decking can be washed so clean that one can walk on it with socks. We would not have built such a big terrace from a material which requires constant and heavy maintenance.”

In 2010, Family Sinkkonen installed a UPM ProFi Deck in Stone Grey.


*Care and Maintenance information can be found at >>Downloads >> Cleaning instructions