UPM ProFi Deck - The European composite decking

The outdoor living room

Life outdoors should be special: whether relaxing or working, celebrating or just living. A deck is more than just a platform: it is the link between your indoor and your outdoor life.



Easy to clean, slip resistant

Unlike wood and traditional composite deckings, wine, oil and other liquid spills are not readily absorbed and can be easily cleaned. Thanks to the high-friction surface UPM ProFi Deck is slip resistant even when wet.

Colours that withstand time

UPM ProFi Deck sets new standards in colour durability. Unlike wood and other composites, it is virtually free of lignin, the natural molecule which causes wood and other natural fibres to turn grey when exposed to sunlight.

Strong surface, soft to the touch

Impact resistance in both hot and cold climates is exceptionally strong, and the deck surface has better scratch resistance than many other composite decks. Despite this, the UPM ProFi Deck surface has a natural, almost soft feel to it.

Can be built flat

Whereas other composite decks need to be built on an incline to avoid water stains, UPM ProFi Deck can be built flat (zero degrees incline), due to its closed surface.


UPM ProFi Deck 150 with 10 years guarantee

Colours inspired by Finnish nature

Click System for composite decking

You can install UPM ProFi Deck 150 composite decking boards with the fast Click System. Read more »

Designed for outdoor living



What do our clients think?

As the deck maintains its beautiful colour without any additional maintenance, it’s a great long-term investment!
Laura, home owner, Finland
We are very pleased with our composite decking. It feels warm and natural to bare feet and it does not splinter like wood.
Family Sinkkonen, home owner, Finland
What I like with UPM ProFi Deck is the large choice of durable colours and the good price/quality ratio compared to other products.
Emmanuel, Installer, France


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