UPM ProFi Click System - Up to 2.5 times faster than traditional installation of design decking

  • Designed for UPM ProFi Piazza Pro und Deck 150
  • The click deck system cuts the typical deck installation time by up to 60%
  • Suitable for residential and harder wearing commercial decks
  • Created for professional deck installation
  • Combines the best in design from Germany and Finland



Why UPM ProFi Click System?

  • Ultra fast click deck installation: typically 50–70% faster compared with traditional installation methods.
  • The whole sub-frame and deck can be built without drilling or screw fixing.
  • Nearly all the preparation work can be done at work bench height, saving knees and back.
  • Even pre-fabrication is possible in order to minimize installation time, noise and dirt at customers' site.
  • Installation to public areas: Rapid de-installation and re-installation: ideal for temporary decks, for example street restaurants and exhibition decks.

Click System components


Convenient for many decking purposes


Installation videos