At Metti Forssell’s family’s cottage, the decking is the most important and well-loved part of the home

UPM ProFi Deck 150 Silver Green, Finland

Metti Forssell’s husband, former professional footballer Mikael Forssell, bought the family’s summer cottage in Loviisa around ten years ago. They didn’t spend much time at the cottage because it was in need of refurbishment and the couple, who lived abroad at the time, had no time to start the large-scale renovation. When Metti and Mikael had their two children, they longed for a place where they could go to relax and unwind, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

And so, the Forssells went on the Finnish TV programme Huvila & Huussi, where their cottage and yard underwent a complete transformation. They wanted large decks built outside both the cottage and the sauna. For this busy family, the most important thing for them was to have easy, low-maintenance decking, as they wanted a place where they could just relax as a family, instead of having to do a lot of upkeep. Based on the Forssell’s wishes, Huvila & Huussi’s team of designers chose UPM ProFi Deck composite decking in the colour Stone Grey, which looks beautiful next to the black cottage and the rocky shore.



“For us, this large, partly glazed deck has become the most important part of the cottage. Most of our time at the cottage is spent there. The deck is the place where our children play, where we drink coffee in the morning, where we cook and barbecue together, and where we just relax on the bean bag chairs and admire the sea view after being in the sauna. The deck is wonderful!” Metti Forssell said. “The best thing about the deck is that it’s stylish, modern and also very low maintenance. As a family with children, things are bound to get spilled, but the spills are easily cleaned off the UPM ProFi composite decking. I like to walk barefoot across it, its surface is very smooth and I don’t get any splinters in my feet. Even if we did the renovation over again, I wouldn’t choose any other decking material. We’re very happy with the whole cottage, but especially the decking. We plan to spend a lot of quality time here as a family, relaxing and having fun,” Metti said.