Villa Myötätuuli: Nordic design, circular economy and family life outdoors with UPM ProFi composite decking

A sparkling sea, an archipelago with thousands of islands, a land of pristine pine and birch forests: Naantali is a magical land at the southwestern most point of Finland. (It is also the home of Moominworld). Here it is that Harri Tikkanen and his family have built a home that is a showcase for the best of Nordic design. Villa Myötätuuli, meaning fair wind, has been designed to be in harmony with its surrounding nature and yet at the same time be the perfect family home.

For the Finns, outdoor living is in their blood. At the height of summer in Naantali the sun rises shortly after 4am and sets at 11pm. It was clear for Tikkanen family that the decking areas would be more like an outdoor living room. And yet, with high rainfall and temperatures sinking to below -20 degrees Celsius in winter, the building materials could only be of the highest quality.

Villa Myötätuuli has two deck areas as well as first floor balconies opening from the bedrooms. Indoor and outdoor areas merge seamlessly: part of the deck area is even glazed for all year usage. UPM ProFi Piazza has been installed in all these areas "We chose UPM ProFi Piazza based on recommendations from other homeowners” says Harri. “Ease of maintenance, reliable quality and the beautiful Nordic Ash light grey colour were also key factors in our decision”.

Villa Myötätuuli terrace    Villa Myötätuuli balcony

UPM ProFi Piazza decking is unique in offering up to 25 years’ guaranty for colour durability, stain resistance and structural integrity while being made from European recycled post-consumer and post-industrial plastic-based materials. These materials which include plastic from shampoo and detergent bottles and label waste are brought from throughout Europe to Germany where the decking boards are manufactured. Unlike many other deckings imported from around the world, UPM ProFi is truly a part of Europe’s circular economy.

Villa Myötätuuli featured in the 2022 Naantali Housing Fair, in which the latest building innovations are showcased. A sustainable approach was one of the foundations to the whole fair, with homes, streets and services all designed to blend in with surrounding cliffs, fields and forests. However, first and foremost is Villa Myötätuuli a family home and the deck an area to be lived on. Neither splashes from the hot tub, nor spills from the barbecue area will leave any stain on UPM ProFi Piazza. A final word from Harri:

"We wanted the terrace to be an integral part of our family life. We can have our morning coffee on the terrace, the children can play there during the day and in the evening we can have a barbecue and go to the hot tub to enjoy the bubbles"

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