From waste to high-quality decking products

Over the past few decades, waste generation in Europe has increased exponentially, polluting our oceans, countries, and cities. Only a fraction of this waste is currently recycled and reused in a sustainable manner.

As part of UPM, one of the world's leading manufacturers of renewable and recyclable products, we at UPM ProFi are committed to a future beyond fossil fuels by transforming Europe's plastic and paper waste into high quality products for outdoor living.

Today UPM ProFi's business is led by professionals from across Europe. Production is focused in Germany. Recycled plastic waste and label materials are sourced from across Europe for this purpose.

UPM ProFi business is led by professionals from across Europe

Fully recyclable products

By recycling European plastic bottles, we can prevent these waste materials from being deposited and burned or ending up in our oceans.

The paper fibers contained in label waste are an excellent alternative to wood fibers used in traditional WPC decking boards. In combination with waste mixtures of paper, plastic, silicone, and ink, they form a composite material with many better technical performance properties than conventional WPC products.

Our boards are not only made of recycled material but are also fully recyclable themselves. Thus, they can be reused by us after the end of their product life. The boards are shredded and returned to the production process. Any rejects or scrap that occur during production are also recycled. Therefore, no waste is generated in production.

See how our uniquely sustainable UPM ProFi composite decking is made at our Mill in Bruchsal, Germany: