Hilma the dog and her family love to spend time out on the deck

In 2019, Hilma the dog and her family, Jaana and Jarmo Kantonen, purchased a new home with a pool surrounded by a deck made of impregnated wood. One of the first things they noticed upon moving in was that the deck was rather worn out: its appearance needed sprucing up, and some of its material also needed to be replaced.

Based on a building contractor’s suggestion, they looked into the possibility of using UPM ProFi composite decking. According to the contractor, this material would be a bit more costly to buy, but it would end up paying for itself. The Kantonen family put their thoughts into action: the following year, the new deck was designed, and was then built by their trusted contractor out of the UPM ProFi Californian Oak composite decking material.

“We’ve been very satisfied with our new deck. I took an immediate liking to UPM ProFi Piazza and its Californian Oak shade as it complemented our light-coloured house and white fence so well. We have a dog, so it’s important that our deck can hold up against a great deal of activity. We don’t have to worry about our dog Hilma’s tracks or claw scratches – and the new decking material doesn’t give her any splinters. The best thing about the UPM ProFi decking is how easy it is to care for. With pollen, dirt, and the like, all you have to do is wipe them off – no other maintenance steps are needed. Because of the colour of the decking, dirt is less visible on it. We were looking for a high-quality deck that was also nice-looking, as we spend quite a bit of time there and in the pool. It’s fair to say that spending time on this deck and in our pool is one of our main free-time activities, a counterbalance to a hectic day’s work. Our friends also love to spend time out on the deck – many fun moments have been shared here. I can warmly recommend UPM ProFi composite decking to others who are thinking of renovating their deck”, says Jaana Kantonen.