Old timber deck in Espoo, Finland replaced by beautiful, neat composite decking

A family from Espoo contemplated renewing their timber deck for a few years. They wanted to find a material that is neat, beautiful and long lasting. They looked for inspiration at the Housing Fair and browsed sample sets at hardware shops. The composite decking met their criteria and they particularly enjoyed the colour and pattern of the UPM ProFi Piazza boards.

“We were happy with the design of our old deck, but the surface material wasn’t durable. Composite decking was the only option. We fell in love with the dark colour and wood-like pattern of the composite we chose at the hardware shop”, says Matti Kivikko.

According to the family, eating outside and relaxing in the hammock have been the most enjoyable activities on the new deck. The deck looks cleaner than the old timber deck ever did. It feels nice to walk on the deck, even on chillier days. In the summer heat, the deck’s dark surface heats up just like many other dark materials.

“We kept the design and shape of the deck almost identical to the old one. The stairs and other aspects worked well for us. But the old timber deck had dried up, the boards had warped and the foundations of the deck had partially sunk as well. If we had renovated the deck with timber, we would just have encountered the same problems a few years down the line”, says Kivikko.

The new UPM ProFi Piazza decking makes everyday life easier and is more sustainable than the previous decking material. The composite decking is low maintenance as it doesn’t need to be oiled and can be cleaned with a pressure washer. And you won’t get splinters in your feet!


How to renew a deck

There are several main steps when renewing a deck. Making the decision to renew a deck can sometimes take several years. Other times, it can be made in a heartbeat. Either way, hiring professionals will speed up sourcing and installing the deck and will ensure better results.

  • Renewal decision: The family had considered renewing the deck since 2017, but they made their final decision over the summer preceding the renewal, in 2018.
  • Installation tendering process: In the autumn of 2018, several builders were invited to tender for the installation and a contract was signed.
  • Project start: The family dismantled the old deck themselves in early summer 2019.
  • Deck sourcing: Sourced from a nearby hardware shop in early summer 2019.
  • Installation: Professionals installed the deck as agreed over the course of two weeks in May and June 2019.
  • Finished deck: June 2019

Design meets performance

The Kivikko family says that the most important benefits of the UPM ProFi composite include that it is neat, looks beautiful, is low maintenance and has a long lifespan.

“Our friends have also admired how neat and beautiful our composite deck is”, Kivikko says.

The manufacturer offers a 25-year fade and structural warranty for the UPM ProFi Piazza decking. The low-maintenance deck is made in Germany. Approximately 75% of the materials used to manufacture UPM ProFi Piazza decking is from recycled materials.


Project description

Yard of a private home in Espoo, Finland
Composite decking area: 90 m2
Product: UPM ProFi Piazza Streaked Ebony (dark)