Piazza One – Sustainable composite decking by UPM ProFi

Sustainability will be written in big letters by UPM ProFi. A new, sustainable composite decking UPM ProFi Piazza contains 75% recycled materials. The decking is available in four natural wood look colours: rich, tropical Brazilian Walnut, noble Streaked Ebony, sunny Californian Oak and stylish, modern Silver Teak.

UPM ProFi Piazza Streaked Ebony composite decking.

The eco-friendly UPM ProFi Piazza One is made in Germany and offers a 25 year guarantee for residential use.

The decking boards are designed for terraces, balconies, pool edges and many other outdoor applications for homeowners.

Excellent technical performance

The UPM ProFi Piazza One deck boards are easy to maintain, long-lasting and outperform other European composite deckings in three areas:

  1. colour durability – surface that bears sunlight
  2. stain resistance – surface that bears liquids
  3. robust core – structural integrity


It is the only European product with same top performance as best USA products.

Frontrunner in circular economy

Since 2007, UPM ProFi has been a pioneer in giving a high quality and long lasting second life to materials that would otherwise be landfilled or incinerated.

UPM ProFi One contains highest percentage of recycled materials of any major European supplier. As a truly local European solution, UPM Biocomposites uses waste from Europe and has a low carbon footprint both for products and transport. 

Essential Information

1 : Piazza One by UPM ProFi

  • Natural wood look
  • Available in four colours
  • 25 year guarantee on colour durability, stain resistance, material strength & performance
  • A new life for 75% recycled materials
  • Made in Germany
  • Solid profile

 2 : UPM ProFi & circular economy

  • 1 m² of UPM ProFi Piazza One board contains 11kg of recycled label waste and binds 20kg of CO2
  • Non-toxic: compliant with EN71-3 safety standard for materials used in toys
  • All UPM ProFi products are PVC free
  • Buildings with UPM ProFi deckings are LEED point eligible
  • Certified recycled materials management

The future of WPC decking is sustainable - you can find our products at your nearest distributor