Professional installer Takalo recommends UPM ProFi composite as a terrace material

Suomi Pro Oy's professional installer Marko Takalo (pictured right) in an interview. Next to him colleague Juha Raitolehto. Together they installed this homeowners terrace.


More and more renovation and new projects are choosing composite as the terrace material due to its stability and durability. Over the years, composite products have developed both in terms of appearance and performance, which makes them suitable for new construction and renovation projects according to today's requirements. One such composite material is UPM ProFi, which has attracted attention due to its versatility, popularity and environmental aspects.

Suomi Pro Oy's professional installer Marko Takalo has chosen UPM ProFi composite terrace boards in several of his projects. He says that the reasons for composite's popularity is its durability and appearance. The maintenance work and finishing touches associated with wooden terraces are no longer attractive, when composite terraces offer an alternative that requires less maintenance than usual and offers more time to enjoy being on the terrace.

The strengths of the UPM ProFi Piazza composite board do not go unnoticed by Marko. He emphasizes, “The product is made from recycled plastic without any wood. The manufacturing method not only promotes waste recycling, but also guarantees a uniform quality, stylish and quantitative product that is easy to handle. The manufacturer promises a long warranty period for its products, which gives customers confidence in the product's quality and durability.”

Marko has used UPM ProFi composite in numerous projects and plans to use it even more in both private and public locations, such as detached houses, restaurants and hotels. According to him, composite terrace products have been well suited for various uses, such as around decks, stairs and entrances.

Marko is a UPM ProFi certified installer. Instructions for obtaining an installer certificate step by step:

  1. Fill out the application form and send us your contact information.
  2. Take part in the UPM ProFi professional installer training.
  3. Complete training and receive a professional installer certificate.
  4. Add your company's contact information to our Find the nearest installer site.

Finally, Marko shares advice for other installers who are considering installing composite decking. He emphasizes the importance of reading and following the exact installation instructions. In particular, the denser-than-usual stacking intervals and expansion directions required by the composite require care, but once these points are under control, installation is faster and easier than building a traditional wooden terrace.