Sailing with UPM ProFi decking

Nestled in Heerewaarden by the water, father and son shared an unbreakable bond: their love for boats. They build boats to rent them for their customers to enjoy the nature. “Wake up in a lovely, quiet natural place. Listen to the birds chirping, the beavers munching away, and watch as a group of water birds enjoy their fish together. Nature has never been this close!”, Blokhutboot promotes their service on their website. 

Yet, their quest for the perfect decking material for their boats had its challenges. They started with a cheaper composite decking, hoping it would suffice. However, it soon became clear that it couldn't withstand the harsh environment. Frustration set in as they longed for a reliable solution.

Their search led them to UPM ProFi. Encouraged by positive reviews and the confidence of Pontmeyer, a trusted distributor, they decided to try UPM ProFi. Using Deck 150 in Autumn brown, their boats underwent a remarkable transformation. The decks acquired a natural look with a touch of elegance.

The true test came with time and usage. Their customers sailed, and still after seven years, UPM ProFi decking is beautiful.

Building the boats themselves also the decking was installed by their professionalism to ensure perfection. Their boats gained a reputation for attracting clients eager to rent these exceptional vessels for a unique experience on the water. Their website became a hub for adventure-seekers.

Their customers sail through crystal-clear waters, soaking up the sun and exploring picturesque beaches. Against endless horizons and shimmering waters, their boats adorned with composite decking symbolized lasting beauty and quality, bringing joy to all who embarked on their adventures.