Stunning UPM ProFi Piazza decking highlights the breathtaking scenery

Imagine spending your working life devoted to satisfying others as a restaurant owner: finding the best ingredients, building the team with the right expertise, creating the perfect atmosphere, and managing the whole thing as business. When it comes to your own home: that needs to be special.

In his professional life, Andy Solomon is the founder and owner of both the Treffi pub and bistro, and the Fat Lizard restaurant chain. When planning the materials to be used in his own home, Andy was looking for the same high quality of design, performance and ease of maintenance that he would choose for his restaurants.

The home is a beautiful apartment situated in Helsinki Kalasatama harbour which was completed in the autumn of 2021. The L-shaped balcony offers stunning views of both the sea and the city. Part of the area is enclosed with glass paneling making it an outdoor living area that can be enjoyed whatever the weather. Having had good experience with UPM ProFi decking at his previous home, Andy knew that it would be the perfect material for the new balconies. UPM ProFi Piazza Pro Californian Oak proved to be the colour that not only matched the clean and modern design of the apartment but was also in harmony with the natural colours of the sea, the sky and the forest.

UPM ProFi Piazza Californian Oak

When you work long hours, then you want to be able to live on your deck, not spend hours maintaining it. UPM ProFi Piazza's surface is guaranteed to resist stains and retain its colour for at least 25 years in residential applications and 20 years in harsher environments such as restaurants and other commercial applications. The surface is also highly scratch resistant and is slip resistant whether wet or dry.

The balcony decks were installed with UPM ProFi's award winning and patented Click System. Compared to traditional deck building, the Click System enables typically a sixty percent reduction in time needed for installation. Furthermore, most of the sub-structure components can be pre-assembled off-site, minimizing the time spent at the property.

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