Terrace around swimming pool covered with light grey decking – UPM ProFi Piazza in Silver Teak color was the choice of Mr and Mrs Tetu from Albertville France

Mr and Mrs Tetu from Albertville, France, wanted to have an easy to clean and good-looking deck around their family’s swimming pool. The idea was to make the back-yard look like at a beach resort. Surrounded by stunning views and mountains, the terrace area looks really inviting. With the brand-new light grey decking from UPM ProFi, the view is even better.

From the original idea to decision making, purchasing, installation and to the final decking it took around 8 months.

- When installing composite decking, it is very important to follow installation instructions step by step and read them carefully, Mr Tetu advices.

The decking was used for an area of 110 m2 and was ideal for the stylish edging of the U shaped pool. The composite decking is UPM ProFi Piazza One in Silver Teak colour, a European made decking which has a long, up to 25 year guarantee in residential use. The decking keeps its colour very well, even in hottest sunshine.

- A typical day spent on the deck is when the sun is shining, the temperature is warm and I am able to enjoy the light. My dream day on the terrace consist of sun chair, sun umbrella and swimming back and forth in the pool, Mrs Tetu describes.

upm-profi-piazza-silver-teak-aigueblanche-fr-0190 (1).jpg