Composite support rail - use it like wood, and benefit even more


UPM ProFi Support Rail is the easiest subconstruction method on flat surfaces with all the advantages of composite material: cutting and screwing like wood, resisting all weathers and no greying like with wood.


Why UPM ProFi Support Rail?

  • The most economic UPM ProFi solution for building deck subconstruction
  • Low moisture absorbing and thus durable in all weather conditions: on the ground, in the ground and even under water
  • Easy to work with (machines like wood)
  • Environmentally-friendly: material is non-toxic, and is an efficient use of recycled material

Excellent solution for hard and even surfaces

UPM ProFi Support Rail can be installed directly on hard, flat surfaces, such as concrete or stiffened, flat ground. Additionally rubber pads can be used in order to compensate small changes in ground level and let rain water run off below the support rails.

The composite support rail absorbs very little moisture and is therefore durable in all weather conditions. It does not rot even if it is installed directly on a flat ground. This makes it a long-lasting material compared to a wooden structure.

UPM ProFi Support Rail must not be used, if installing Piazza One on a roof terrace.


Components for installation