Become a certified installer and proceed to Gold level

Programme for professional installers

The UPM ProFi Professional Deck Installer Programme is designed to share best practice and advanced installation techniques amongst skilled installers. UPM recommends that installation should always be carried out by a certified composite installer. Additionally, the programme seeks to direct interested home-owners and project specifiers towards certified composite installers.



Two levels for deck installation certification


There are two levels for deck installation certification:

  1. Standard installer - a trained professional who learns the necessary skills for installing composite decking
  2. Gold level installer - an experienced installer who updates knowledge & skills annually


Step-by-step instructions on how to become a professional installer

Step 1
Send your contact details to us via application form
Step 2
Join a training session about UPM ProFi Professional Deck Installer Programme
Step 3
After training, you will receive professional installer certification
Step 4
Your business contact information will be shared on our web page "Find nearest installer".

Landscaper association co-operation

We work in close co-operation with main Landscape Associations across Europe. The partnership allows UPM to listen to the needs of landscape architects and designers and develop their product range accordingly. Additionally, UPM ProFi's Professional Deck Installer Programme may be offered by the associations as part of their programme for continual professional development.

Currently the partnerships include: GaLaBau (Germany), UNEP (France) and RIBA (United Kingdom)