Garden and terraces are for relaxing, enjoying the outdoor living, cooking – and playing. The easier the maintenance of a deck is, the more time will be left for association with friends and family. You have made a good choice: UPM ProFi deck products are easy to maintain. See some tips from this page how to keep your deck clean easily.


Deck care tips

All UPM ProFi decking products have been designed with closed surfaces that offer greater resistance to spills and stains. However, as with any outdoor flooring surface, periodic cleaning and correct deck maintenance and care is needed to ensure that the deck retains its beauty for many years.


1. Free from debris
Ensuring that leaves and other debris are swept from the deck will minimise the need for deck washing.
2. Normal washing
Warm water and gentle brushing is often enough to clean away dust and debris. Normal household detergents can also be added to the water. A pressure washer is recommended for a more thorough cleaning.
3. Materials and cleaning agents
Jet washing, warm water and detergent, and medium bristle brushes are the only materials and cleaning agents that should be used. A surface treatment for restoring surface colours or water repellence is not necessary.
4. Oil and grease stains
Due to UPM ProFi deckings' closed surface technology, oil and grease spills can normally be cleaned without staining.

Natural weathering

UPM ProFi composite decking boards will not suffer from the typical "wood greying" effect. When properly maintained, they will also avoid the stain marks and mould growth.


Remember for deck maintenance

  • In strong sunshine the dark colour boards will reach higher temperatures than light colour boards.
  • As with all materials, light colours will show dirt more readily than darker colours and may therefore require more intensive cleaning.
  • Slight variations in colour shade may exist between different production batches.
  • Full information on how to install and care for UPM ProFi products can be found in the latest deck installation and maintenance instructions